2022 New Esports Tiger ICE Mouse Skates Feet for logitech G Pro Wireless Mouse Glides


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HXBE Lightweight Gaming Mouse Replacement Accessories for ICE G Pro Mouse Feet Slim Mouse Skates Wear Resistant

The thickness of the ice white is 0.8mm, and the material hardness is similar to that of the Enhanced version. Pure white has no dents and is smoother. The ice white is an upgraded version of the Enhanced version, which is more recommended and practical.


for: G Pro Wireless Mouse

Arc edge design

Color: ICE White

thickness is about 0.8mm

Material: PTFE

Thickening replacement type, for replace the original mouse feet

Quantity: 1set per pack

Our suggestion:

We find that after using the cloth mouse pad for a period of for time, the surface of the mouse pad will be damaged to varying degrees. The original flat surface will have a large number of wool breaks, which will make the original smooth mouse pad become astringent and difficult to use, and the feel will become erratic. Tiger Gaming 2018 new edition Mouse feet changes the traditional straight edge mouse feet, so that for sharp foot sticker edge becomes smooth, no longer cut your favorite mouse pad, arc edge shape, avoid wear and tear, add a for protection to your mouse pad


This product is a replacement mouse feet. After removing the original mouse foot sticker, clean the bottom for shell by the alcohol cotton which is attached in the package, and then paste the new mouse feet on.

After removing the transparent protective film on the mouse feet, carefully align the feet groove on the mouse bottom for shell, then apply slight pressure to fit the foot.

Do not repeatedly stick and peel off the foot stickers.

Package Includes:

1 Pack x Mouse Skate for G Pro Wireless Mouse(1Set)

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