Lenovo 2022 Version Howard Charging Bluetooth Mouse with 800/1200/1600DPI 2.4G Bluetooth 3.0/5.0 for Windows7/8/10/11 Mac OS


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Product Information:

1.Brand: Lenovo

2.Model: Howard 2022 Charging Version

3.DPI: 800/1200/1600

4.Color: Black/Grey/White

5.Connection Way: 2.4G/Bluetooth


7.Support System: win7/win8/win10/win11;Mac OS 13.0 above;Android 7.0 above;Harmony OS 2.0 above


1.Fashionable and beautiful appearance

Lenovo Howard still adopts the consistent simple packaging characteristics of Lenovo series products, and it is still full of familiarity in hand, first of all, the black, white and gray color matching used on the product packaging, while the appearance of the product is printed directly in the middle of the packaging box, which is very eye-catching, allowing consumers to see the product appearance and brand LOGO printed on the package at a glance.

2.One standard for multiple purposes

On the back of the mouse is the on key and code keys, left dial is Bluetooth mode, right dial is 2.4G wireless receiving mode, and the bottom of the button is equipped with an indicator light, Bluetooth mode is blue light, 2.4G mode is green light, it is very convenient to use, in addition, the connection distance of this mouse is very good, the official propaganda is plug and play within 10 meters, after testing the connection at 10 meters is still stable, smooth operation

3.High-precision sensor, flexible drag

A good mouse not only has an excellent feel but also has a good drag feel, this Lenovo Howard mouse is also equipped with a high-definition Original-phase optical engine, supporting 800, 1200, 1600DPI three levels of adjustment, can meet the needs of different scenarios, but also designed a special quick adjustment key, adjustment is more convenient, and also supports memory function, in the face of different monitors can have an excellent dragging feel, In addition, the optical engine can easily face the use environment in different scenarios, with a high degree of material compatibility, whether it is transparent glass material, desk, and book material.

4.Long battery life, say goodbye to charging troubles

In terms of battery life, the Lenovo Howard mouse is also very powerful, a charge can be used continuously for 45 hours, and the standby time is as high as more than half a year, the biggest highlight is that the 100-yuan mouse is equipped with Type-c charging, in the charging time do not have to worry about the charging cable interface mismatch or forget to take the trouble

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White, Black, Gray

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